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1. Acropolis
by Harry Hughes

2. The Royal Welch Fusiliers
by John Philip Sousa

3. The March King
by Leonard B. Smith

4. The Billboard
by John N. Klohr

5. Sabre and Spurs
by John Philip Sousa

6. His Excellency
by Henry Fillmore

Marching Along
Recorded September 27, 1997 Conducted by Loras John Schissel

7. Olympia Hippodrome
by Russell Alexander

8. Homeward Bound
by John Philip Sousa

9. Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite
by Karl L. King

10. Honey Boys on Parade by Edward V. Cupero

11. Tiger Triumph
by Karl L. King

12. Men of Ohio
by Henry Fillmore

13. The Viator
by Harold Green

14. March: Blaze Away
by Abe Holzmann

15. Idaho
by Charles L. Barnhouse

16. The Kilties
by Samuel E. Morris